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    Andronis Lit5 presents fashion-for­ ward, bold garments that appeal to fashionistas with an eye for form and structure. Collections from present combine black and white garments, derived from a conceptual approach towards fashion design.


    Lit 5 by Andronis

    What is personal style ?

    Your personal style is just that: personal. It’s your identity and a form of self-expression, so it’s important to maintain that sense of self


    A story to tell

    Strong names tn fashion such as Hannes Roether, Lost n’ Found by Ria Dunn, Campomaggi bags, Alain Mikli. Ahlem and L.G.R eyewear provide casual but sophisticated street style looks. All together are bound by high-end aestnetlcs at the main shopplng
    pedestrian of Oia.


    • Alain Mikli
      LIT 5
      Since 1978, the Alain Mikli brand has been synonymous with distinctiveness and provocation, thanks to its unique design and exclusive color combinations. A union between a piece of art and a consumer product, the eyewear is practical but edgy.
    • Hannes Roether
      LIT 5

      Hannes Roether gives you the freedom to roam for miles in understated authenticity. Found in a sombre and timeless color palette; the indestructible fabrics as well as the washed and colored wools combine tradition and modernity in creating their own men’s clothing niche. Originally a knitwear designer, Roether opened his imagination to the possibilities of outerwear and tailoring with the launch of his solo line in 2005. Though celebrated in Germany, and well known in Europe, we are proud to introduce Hannes to our West coast market.

    • Μasnada
      LIT 5

      The collection is a result from an extensive study of shapes and the multiple identities they can become, combined with an profound love for experimentations and research. The results of these can be seen in the choice of materials and traditional methods for the collection. The exclusive fabrics, realized in natural fibers in the soft-hued colors of nature, create a timeless look and longevity of each garment. The pure Italian tailoring and craftsmanship is a choice throughout the entire collection with no compromises and also selected on the basis of ethical values in opposition to child exploitation and against any other form of irregularity.

    • We believe that fashion is the
      ART and our guests the
      CANVAS.All you need is to MEET us.
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